You don’t mock me, you don’t shock me.

But I want to feel your love, see your love.

Of course I want it, of course I need it.

Just hug me again, yes love me again.

Touch me like you used to, touch me please.

Hold me like you used to, hold me please.

Kiss me like you used to, kiss me please.

Trust me, trust me, trust me – please.


Poetry Blog

Okay, so I just registered for a lengthy Poetry Blog starting soon. Each weekday – a poem.

I sense it’s going to be tougher than I realise. Ah well.

Wonder what the topics / subjects / formats will be?

Somehow I can’t imagine it will be too saucy / fruity / sexy. But who knows?



Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts no 3

A night out for a birthday meal turned into something completely different for Chelle (Michelle). Yes there was a meal for 6 followed by a more than spicy game of strip poker. Every hand lost meant more than losing one piece of clothing it meant giving for a strict 5 minutes to ??? Losing with the Queen of Hearts meant giving to everyone for as long as it takes. As long as it takes for everyone to have their fill and be satisfied. Showing the red Queen for a third time was just ….. Maybe you should check it out on Amazon books today.

Happy reading everyone, hope it makes you sweat.

Cara XXX

Highwayman and the Princess


Added just over 2000 words today and progressing pretty well (I think). The next thing I need is my highwayman. I guess longish hair (pony tail etc) would have been around in 1700. Can’t picture my highwayman in a wig somehow. Back to I-stock I reckon. They must have a suitable guy  somewhere.

Cara xx

Clearing the clutter.

Okay, so it took twenty minutes to change my cover picture – if I live to be 95 I might get the hang of computers and technology generally. The chances are more likely that I’ll never quite catch up as, as soon as I get to understand something – it’s obsolete with even more complicated things to replace it. – Moan over.

Back in writing mode I have at least made a little – actually a lot – of progress on one of my outstandings. Any new ideas will be noted down with a bare outline (perhaps) and kept for later. I really must focus on  clearing the clutter.

Contrastes (cover) is waiting around up to her knees in water. The Highwayman and his Princess are locked around in bed somewhere (aah shame). The Card School Part 2 has gone stupid and needs a rethink and …… well, the list goes on.

Cara xx