The Night They Raided Maci’s – Part Two

The Night They Raided Maci’s – a second day, a second portion of my work in progress. The pics are self-explanatory.tumblr_nkrxf2KDUM1qjuse9o1_540[1] 11094686_1572207426381154_7246722940937778145_n[1]

“We’re looking for a boudoir Albert, this looks perfect. A parlour and bar on the floor downstairs along with a gaming room and ground floor reception, office, kitchen etcetera. We need a team, we need creative people, reliable people and mostly sexy people. Could you fuck me, here, now in front of Maci? Could you fuck Maci when you’ve finished with me?”

“Is this a job interview? Fuck the two of you and I have a job?”

“Is there a better way?”

“Hell no.”

“Excuse me Sass, this is my idea, do I get a say, shouldn’t I go first?

“Of course dear, please, don’t mind me. I was a little ahead of myself. Over to you and Albert.”

“Albert, I’m a stranger to Maci’s and you’re our doorman,

our security, our first line of defence and you’re suspicious

that I may be carrying a weapon. What do you do?”

“Allow me to demonstrate Maci. First of all I would wish

to be discreet about matters. After all, you may be a wealthy

client with whom we would wish to maintain a good relationship.

I would ask you to accompany me to a private room, leaving

someone else on the door of course. I would assist you in

the removal of all your clothes, right down to your panties and

give them all a thorough check. If I’m still suspicious I hope you

would understand that I may have to examine you personally.”

By this time Maci was standing near the window with her

clothing placed in a neat pile on one of the chairs.

“I suppose you will be taking your suit off before you

attend to my bodily requirements Albert.”

“No, Madam will have to wait. I have another customer to

check. The two of you arrived together, who knows which of

you may be concealing a weapon. Sassie, if you please.”

He wasted no time in plunging his hand inside Sass’s dress.

“Permit me Madam, one can’t be too careful these days.”

She closed her eyes and gasped as his cool hand

fondled her left breast.

“Oh fuck me, I’m wet already.”

“Yes Madam, I suspected as much.”

Her hair was brushed aside as the bow at the back of her neck was tugged quickly. In one single movement it was round her hips and being taken to the floor. She looked across at Maci who was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

————————————————– To be continued —————————————————————————–


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