Too much going on

Cover 3

I need to sort my brain out, it’s getting a little like the wardrobe – too much clutter.

I’ve just had a look through my files and docs and discovered I have 7 stories on the go at various stages between 2500 and 45000 words but none near to completion. In addition I do have 2 finished articles that I should really focus on and get out there.

During a FB chat a few days ago, I / we came up with an idea of compiling 51 Shades of Black and that will be one hell of a challenge – but a rather pleasing and satisfying one I suspect. Just not sure how to really get it started.

Inspiration – imagination -concentration – consternation -dedication – application – soditallication – constipation (not that sort) – perspiration – realisation – publication.

Not quite sure where I am on the ****ions but will be carryingonication soon.

Happy Tuesday

Cara xx


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