My Highwayman and his African Princess

One small para for a woman, an evening of warmth for the ladies (and the men of course).

Their kiss was all consuming, tongues fighting for the space, their teeth clashed such was the force of their dance. Their bodies entwined as one, rocking, pushing, loving, grappling, tormenting, teasing, fucking, harder and harder, faster and faster but silent. They had to remain silent no matter how extreme their passion, how wild they felt, how much Rebecca wished to scream, oh how she wished, longed to scream her passion to the world. They were both aware that he would have faced the death penalty for his crimes and she would have been flogged and thrown onto the streets had they been discovered. She turned and buried her face in the pillow, biting with enormous force as her fingers pushed deep into his shoulders and back. She pulled his backside into her time after time, feeling his body tense and the warm rush of his first release before he rolled her over.”


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