The Highwayman’s Story

“A successful day, my Lord?”

“Of course my Lady, you’re wearing part of it, it’s yours if you would like it.”

She shook her head.

“No my Lord I cannot, no matter how beautiful it is.”

“Wear it, for tonight. I want to make love to a Queen, my Queen in jewels.”

He sat at her side tugging his feet from his boots as the single candle flickered in a gentle draught on a sideboard to the left of her pillow.

Dick stood to unfasten his belt as her outstretched fingers continued to draw patterns, circular around the pendant and her breasts, squeezing a nipple between them and her thumb, they both knew where the hand was leading, taking his eyes to her waist, her belly button, pierced with a tiny jewel as it had been since she was three months old.

She lifted one knee as his breeches were pushed to the floor, sighed as she stared at him, at his manhood, her finger left him in no doubt where she wanted his attentions, her legs parted in readiness, her head turned to face him, the smile grew as he approached, kneeling at her side.


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