Another day another sample – hope you love it.

A tiny sample of Seven Plus Five Equals Murder :-
It didn’t come as a great surprise when Cara called me that summer. She’d been keeping tabs on Don (by now retired from his day job but doing more hours with mush burgers), she’d tailed him back to the travel agent and walked in just behind him. He even held the door open for her – what a gentleman! Her next question to me was a bit of a surprise though.
“Are you any good at skiing Lizzie? Any idea where Wengen is?”
“Skiing – oh yes, we love it, almost as good as sex. Wengen’s in Switzerland, they have the World Cup downhill there, you must have heard of the Lauberhorn, it’s the best, major slalom events are there too, just near to Interlaken, fab place, why?”
“Don’s just booked two weeks in February, fancy a trip? What do you say?”
“That’s a surprise Cara, I didn’t know you were into sport.”
“Well, I’m not really.”
“No, your legs are designed for other purposes, horizontal sports more like.”
“Ha ha, very funny.”
“We’ll have to book it quickly, they sell out in days. Adam will have to come too, he won’t let me go skiing without him.”
“Bugger, I hadn’t thought about that, so how do I or we get shut of Don with Adam around?”
“He’ll have to have a nasty accident on the slopes, wonder how good he is?”
“Just how do I do that? I’ve never been on skis in my life.”
“Okay, I’ll work on it, you book the tickets and let me know how much. Like I said, your legs are designed for horizontal not vertical.”
“Never mind my legs, you didn’t complain. Anyway they’re gorgeous as you know and you’re not paying – I am.”
“So, how do you do that, you’re not working are you?”
“Dad’s money Lizzie, that’s what it’s for, what it’s all about.”

Part two of the plot was underway – read more at


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