Seven Plus Five Equals Murder

A small extract from my e-book out on Smashwords “Seven Plus Five Equals Murder.”

He was just about to stand as she pushed him back into his leather chair, straddled her long legs across him and sat facing him, her hands wrapped behind his neck, her lips almost touching his.
“You have a reputation Barclay, actually you have more than one. Are they justified? Can you possibly live up to them all?”
She pulled a clip from the top of her head allowing her long, wavy black hair to fall about her shoulders, fluffing and shaking into place.
“Which reputations would they be then?” He asked, his brain being fully aware which one was at the uppermost of his own list.
She placed his hands on her stocking tops, on the outside of her thighs, his fingers just touching the suspenders on each leg. His eyes were fixed, momentarily at least, on the bright red, hard, erect nipples in front of him as well as the enormous diamond encrusted chain at the centre of her cleavage.
“Like what you see Barclay? Ah-ha no touching though, maybe later if I feel so inclined. I’m not playing my hand just yet, what do you say Barclay, would you like to see my hand? It will cost you.”


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