First of all an apology.
It has been far too long since I posted anything at all.
Recently, I considered leaving Facebook and even giving up writing, I pondered my possible decisions at great length and am still here.
I’ve spent many hours trying to set up a website instead, and is almost done (I think). I would be delighted if you would take a look and let me know what you think of it so far. I’m looking for suggestions on how to improve it – please you the “contact me” box.
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Snowbound in New York

  1. What do you do when there’s so much snow when you wake?
  2. What happens when your best friend and work colleague drops by as you’re about to take a bath?

1.   You stay put and plan to work from home.

2.   You share the bath, do a little work and share your bed.

That was Carla Anderson’s day after Biejka rang her doorbell. Two gorgeous ladies who loved nothing better than a romp in the sack with a hunky man discovered each other’s desires, played out unspoken fantasies and pushed each other’s bodies to one orgasmic delight after another.

The Night They Raided Maci’s – Part Two

The Night They Raided Maci’s – a second day, a second portion of my work in progress. The pics are self-explanatory.tumblr_nkrxf2KDUM1qjuse9o1_540[1] 11094686_1572207426381154_7246722940937778145_n[1]

“We’re looking for a boudoir Albert, this looks perfect. A parlour and bar on the floor downstairs along with a gaming room and ground floor reception, office, kitchen etcetera. We need a team, we need creative people, reliable people and mostly sexy people. Could you fuck me, here, now in front of Maci? Could you fuck Maci when you’ve finished with me?”

“Is this a job interview? Fuck the two of you and I have a job?”

“Is there a better way?”

“Hell no.”

“Excuse me Sass, this is my idea, do I get a say, shouldn’t I go first?

“Of course dear, please, don’t mind me. I was a little ahead of myself. Over to you and Albert.”

“Albert, I’m a stranger to Maci’s and you’re our doorman,

our security, our first line of defence and you’re suspicious

that I may be carrying a weapon. What do you do?”

“Allow me to demonstrate Maci. First of all I would wish

to be discreet about matters. After all, you may be a wealthy

client with whom we would wish to maintain a good relationship.

I would ask you to accompany me to a private room, leaving

someone else on the door of course. I would assist you in

the removal of all your clothes, right down to your panties and

give them all a thorough check. If I’m still suspicious I hope you

would understand that I may have to examine you personally.”

By this time Maci was standing near the window with her

clothing placed in a neat pile on one of the chairs.

“I suppose you will be taking your suit off before you

attend to my bodily requirements Albert.”

“No, Madam will have to wait. I have another customer to

check. The two of you arrived together, who knows which of

you may be concealing a weapon. Sassie, if you please.”

He wasted no time in plunging his hand inside Sass’s dress.

“Permit me Madam, one can’t be too careful these days.”

She closed her eyes and gasped as his cool hand

fondled her left breast.

“Oh fuck me, I’m wet already.”

“Yes Madam, I suspected as much.”

Her hair was brushed aside as the bow at the back of her neck was tugged quickly. In one single movement it was round her hips and being taken to the floor. She looked across at Maci who was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

————————————————– To be continued —————————————————————————–

The Night They Raided Maci’s

Hi all. I must apologise for adding no blogs for weeks. I would like to correct that by adding a series of sections from a story – currently work in progress – which I hope you will enjoy.

It was four-thirty a.m. when Albert alerted Maci to the sound of sirens getting a little closer than usual. A Valentine’s night party event for the well to do of Australia’s east coast was to have been an unforgettable experience. Batons hammering against the thick oak doors would leave many memories which the majority of guests would never forget.

Maci’s Boudoir and Parlour had taken months of research and planning, from premises to décor to staff requirements to recruitment, no stone would be left unturned, nothing was left to chance.

Maci scoured Brisbane, already being a bit of an expert on the more erotic side of life in Queensland, in time finding a somewhat run-down waterfront warehouse. Queen Sassie Lewis accompanied Maci on her initial voyage of discovery. They arrived outside the building at 9.00 for a viewing of the property along with Albert. Albert Coxhead was a junior partner in a property leasing company, fed up with his job and looking for somewhere he could use his talents.

He was, in the lady’s eyes, drop-dead gorgeous. Sassie had a few other descriptions but mainly, her words were that she could fuck him to death while Maci was a little more restrained and merely wanting to chew on his cock for a few hours. A couple of smiles and a hand on Queen Sass’s ass and he was going nowhere soon, they took an arm each, nodded to each other and allowed him to guide them around the building.

“Albert, would you take us upstairs please? Oh, and what sort of position are you looking for?”

Maci’s grip on his arm gave him more than a subtle hint of how he should respond.

“Miss Dillon and Miss Lewis….”

“It’s Maci and Sass please, forget the formalities. You were about to tell us what position you prefer.”

“I was.” He replied with a lecherous grin.

“Ladies, these days a man has to be proficient in any position. I can guarantee satisfaction every time. Are you offering me a job?”

“Now that depends Albert. We’re not ready yet, there’s a lot of work to do. This place for example, so many things to consider. How much are you asking?”

He led them to a third floor window, looking out across the river facing north with the city in the background and sunlight all day long.

Sassie’s jacket was draped over the back of one of the four dusty old chairs left behind by previous occupants. She walked across in front of him just inches from his face, her hand running across his chest and flicking his tie.

“We’re looking for a boudoir Albert, this looks perfect. A parlour and bar on the floor downstairs along with a gaming room and ground floor reception, office, kitchen etcetera. We need a team, we need creative people, reliable people and mostly sexy people. Could you fuck me, here, now in front of Maci? Could you fuck Maci when you’ve finished with me?”


Hope you enjoy reading the story of Brisbane’s notorious Parlour – to be continued

Fly Eddie, Fly

In Calgary, back in eighty-eight, this guy took on the world,

One winter’s day he stood so proud with the Union Flag unfurled,

He trained so hard for years on end, focused on this day,

No other man, no other flag would get in Eddie’s way.

He climbed the steps up to the top, his skis were held up high,

I remember watching on TV, now fly Eddie, fly.


He clipped his skis fast to his feet,

And clambered aboard his final seat,

He shook his head and made his checks,

Pulled his goggles down, his muscles flexed,

He took a breath and a last big push,

And the winter air past his face did rush.


As he sped downwards on that treacherous slope,

Fly, Eagle, fly and we sat and hoped,

He never won a prize for distance or for style,

But at last he landed safely with one hell of a big smile.

I’ve been to Calgary, I’ve driven past the hill,

The thought of Eddie jumping there, thrills me ever still.


High above the pointed trees, way up in the sky,

I can still hear my voice, calling fly Eddie, fly.

He didn’t win a medal, bronze, silver or gold,

But my Eddie’s still a hero, no other was more bold.

He turned up last year on TV, the show called Splash was live,

A brand new challenge ahead of him, come on dive Eddie, dive.


I almost met him once, at the Alrewas annual show,

But I couldn’t get anywhere near him, one hell of a blow.

Surrounded by lots of moms and dads, with their young girls and boys,

I watched from a distance, as he battled through the noise.

For a couple of hours they jostled, not once did they stand in line.

They pushed papers in front of him, sign Eddie, sign.


So he stays in my memory and I will always care,

For my hero who went to the top, where ospreys and eagles dare,

Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, ski jumper, my hero and the master,

Is back these days on solid ground, happy amongst the plaster

Whatever life holds for the man, one thing will stay true,

That day in Calgary my friends, he flew, Eddie flew.

Dinner is served.

She crawls

Belly to the floor,

Stealthily, slowly, one step

Two steps, drawing closer evermore.

Her eyes focussed, her ears flat, closer

and closer, silent, steadfast

Soon it will be hers

Her meal at last.

Grasses part,

With her next step.

Just one more, two more

 A blink of her eyes, a beat of her heart.

A lioness leaps tis the moment she knows,

Will she take him, fell him, capture her Roe?

The deer takes a leap, a turn, he can outrun the cat,

But she has him, holds him with claws, her teeth in his back.

Her cubs will feast for some time that’s for sure,

While the lioness sleeps for a while, maybe more.